Corvette of the Week: The C7 Has a Youthful Fan Base Too

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2017 c7

I’m not bringing up anything new here by saying that Corvette owners have a reputation as being a somewhat… mature group. But this week’s Corvette of the Week should help to dispel that myth.

This week’s winning ‘Vette belongs to Corvette Member Bui, who posted up some pics of his 2017 3LT Z51 in a recent thread wondering how many C7 owners were under 40. Six pages later, I think it’s safe to say that the Corvette isn’t just for retirees.

Upon doing a little prying into Bui’s profile, you can see that Bui’s Arctic White C7 has been nicely personalized with some very cool touches, including a Carravagio custom steering wheel, ACS carbon Z06 side skirts, a G3 Carbon Stage 1 front splitter, an OEM Z06 front grill, Michelin Pilot Spot A/S 3+ tires, Power Stop Z26 Extreme brake pads, and a 35% all-around tint from CXP Film.

Looking at the pics Bui posted of his gorgeous C7 made me think of something else to do with a Corvette owner’s age. Now, this may be a generalization, and I could be completely off, but I get the sense that the younger generation of Corvette owners are really good at photographing their cars (or at least their enthusiastic about getting pro photos of their cars). That’s certainly the case here, so much so that we immediately thought “Corvette of the Week” when we saw these pics.

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