Corvette of the Week: Choppy’s New-to-him Torch Red ZR1

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Is the C6 ZR1 the best Corvette ever built? This Torch Red beauty makes a strong case for it. 

When the perfect car comes up for sale, sometimes you just have to take the dive and put the money down to pick it up. Corvette Forum member choppychop recently experienced that, buying a like-new 2010 C6 Corvette ZR1 with just 16,850 miles on the odometer (just 2,800 miles per year since new). The car was previously owned by the manager of his local Chevrolet dealer, and was meticulously cared for in each of those miles. The car’s original MSRP was $106,000, but being patient for a few years allowed Choppy to pick this lovely beast up for just over $60K. Well bought, we say.

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It’s difficult to find a nice ZR1 in this kind of condition. Many of these cars have been tracked, beat within an inch of their lives, and modified to high heaven. When Choppy found this perfectly stock low-mile unit, we’re guessing light shone down from heaven in his imagination. We aren’t usually fans of red on our ‘Vettes, but this one looks the absolute business.

If you were given the opportunity to purchase and own a near-perfect example of Chevrolet’s most hardcore Corvette ever, what would you do? Would you take this car as a blank canvas to make your own, or would you maintain its stock condition for posterity? We’d probably take the original chrome wheels and put them in bags on a shelf to avoid them getting damaged, but otherwise, keep it exactly as it is.

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