Corvette of the Week: Dangerz’ Z06

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If you ever find yourself cruising CorvetteForum looking for some inspiration for your own build that doesn’t require quite the same amount of research and development as creating a C2 sleeper, you should take a look at CF user dangerz’ mostly stock 2003 Z06!

Once this Corvette made it into the life of dangerz it started getting some much needed TLC.  The previous owner’s handiwork left something to be desired, so the new owner did some work on the radio and fixed some cracked interior panels.  Some of you may appreciate that he also installed a skip-shift eliminator and provided excellent step-by-step directions, although we will not blame you for debating.  He also made some more obvious changes to the headlights and added GS stripes.

From mind-blowing upgrades to more subtle changes, the CorvetteForum community never fails to impress us.  Your Z06 thanks you for the love, dangerz!

I'd rather be driving my Tumbler.

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