Corvette of the Week: We’re Going Grand Sport Crazy

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COTW Grand Sport

We’ll be the first to admit it: there’s been a serious uptick in Grand Sports winning our COTW honor recently. But honestly, can you blame us?

We highly doubt you’ll have any complaints after feasting your eyes on this week’s winner, blown81bu’s new 2017 Corvette Grand Sports. But we’re not just giving him the award based on the car’s aesthetic appeal, which is obviously vast, but also because the car is a bit of a guinea pig.

See, blown81bu just got out of a 2016 Z51 Stingray, which gives him quite the point of perspective in order to compare the old car with the new Grand Sport. And the verdict? Well, look no further than the title of blown81bu’s recent thread: “2017 Grand Sport feels faster than my Stingray, for sure.

And that’s just how he felt upon initial receipt of the car, with some American Racing full length headers added. But blown81bu and his wife have done quite a bit of tinkering on the car since then, as they’ve gotten it ready for some serious drag strip time. That’s right, as you can see in one of their many excellent photos below, Mrs. blown81bu assists on the sidework. Any family that cranks on Corvettes together is good by me. Just one more reason their Grand Sport is our Corvette of the Week.

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