Corvette of the Week: Grand Sport Dreams Do Come True

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Corvette Grand Sport

You can’t say that Corvette Forum member graj6 didn’t do his homework. But after two years of saving and planning and compiling the mother of all spreadsheets, graj6 finally has the car of his dreams: a new C7 Corvette Grand Sport coupe with theĀ 3LT trim package.

As you can see from these pics and the start-up video below, graj6 is a big fan of yellow, as this baby is decked out in Corvette Racing Yellow. There’s a reason for graj6’s yellow-leaning ways: he went to Georgia Tech. And thus, he’s dubbed this new beauty “Yellow Jacket.” So if you see a yellow Grand Sport driving down the street with the vanity plate YLWJCKT, be sure to wave.

And that’s not all the yellow touches. Right now she’s got a yellow stitched black interior with yellow paddle shifters, but soon she’ll be sporting yellow splash guards and a two-tone black and yellow Napa leather horn pad. And he plans on wrapping the brushed aluminum trim in yellow as well. But that’s just the beginning of the changes graj6 has got planned. Here’s a starters list:

Side skirts in carbon fiber
Fender spats in carbon fiber
VetteFX LED markers x 6 – side and rear
Footwell LEDs in blue
LED replacements for trunk and license plate
Anodized jacking pucks from ZL1Addons
Block-it sound deadening mats
XPEL front and some other parts
Opticoat Pro Plus

Check out graj6’s thread to follow along as this baby gets even hotter. And make sure to congratulate him on a scorching hot new ride, a worthy recipient of our Corvette of the Week.

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