Corvette of the Week: a Love 51 Years Strong

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CF member Ironcross and his 1962 Corvette are still winning beauty contests after spending over half a century together. Well, his Corvette is anyway and it doesn’t require any plastic surgery. Ironcross claims to “hate the damn car as it looks almost the same as new but I’m no longer that punk college beach bum”. Most of us humans can only hope to look half as good as this car at the age of 51, so maybe we should be a little jealous too. The above photo was taken in 1962.

Its been 51 years since I picked the Deuce up {#7512} while enjoying being a full time beach bum going to U of Miami….The dealership ‘Dumas Milner Chevrolet’ has long been gone…I suppose I could put 51 candles on it but I would probably set it on fire with that many……or I could salute it with a brimming glass as my candle burns at both ends, it may not last the night but ah my friends and ah my foes it sheds a tender light…..

The car cost Ironcross a whole $4,400. In order to maintain its pristine condition, the beauty rarely gets paraded around and never in foul weather–he likes to save his Camaro for that. Dayton has used the following advertisement for several years:


Ironcross is grateful for the ability to share his passion with other Corvette lovers.

The forum offers many things including great people like yourselves interested in a common subject and they don’t get any better than Vettes, and the key is the Corvettes……..without them I would not have the opportunity to be able to associate with any of you.

Thanks to each and every one of you,


Congratulate Ironcross on his well-preserved beauty!

I'd rather be driving my Tumbler.

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