Corvette of the Week: An “Oh Gosh” Worthy C6 Grand Sport

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You may recognize SlasherMcGee as the “Grand Sport Picture Thread Guy,” although he would probably prefer to be known as “Grand Sport Owner Guy” now that he pulled the trigger on his own black beauty. “Oh gosh” is what CF member SlasherMcGee used to accompany some photos of his brand spanking new (in 2011) 2011 Grand Sport 1LT.

The only problem he had after placing his order was sleeping at night, anticipating the arrival of his black on black Corvette with chrome wheels.  For many forum members, the only foreseeable problem is how often he will need to wash his C6 in order to keep that black coat nice and shiny.  But if CF member CENT Z06 is right and “black is the fastest color”, then the car will be well worth the extra work.

Congratulations, Grand Sport Owner Guy!  CorvetteForum hopes that black beauty will continue making you say “oh gosh” for many years to come.

I'd rather be driving my Tumbler.

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