Corvette of the Week: One Bad ZR1

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Corvette Forum member Blackonblacksls normally refers to his 2011 Corvette ZR1 as OnebadZ, and in these stunning pictures, you can certainly see why. And you can also see why this bad ZR1 is our Corvette of the Week.

A while back, Blackonblacksls posted up these pics in the thread “Just sharing some cool pictures of my zr1” while also mentioning that his bad Z is sporting a “91mm turbo.” After a little prodding from the community, he went on to explain the car has a “GM carb style intake with an elbow and a 91mm turbo up front with a 5in downpipe.”

When asked for power numbers or a dyno sheet, Blackonblacksls mentioned that since he does all the tuning work himself, it hasn’t been on a dyno yet. So other than “9-10lbs on the wastegate spring,” he’s not sure about numbers. But he does know the car’s not quite at the 900-1000 rwhp where he wants it. Not yet at least.

Ultimately, Blackonblacksls just wants “to put something together that’s a little different than your average zr1.” Well, I think it’s safe to say that mission has already been exceptionally accomplished. Check out the vid below (careful, there’s some NSFW language) to hear about all the work he’s already done, including an engine swap. Then hop onto the forum and congratulate him on his bad-to-the-bone Corvette of the Week.

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