Optima Presents Corvette of the Week: From a Saturn Ion to this C6 Corvette

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With its oxidized headlamp lenses, this Corvette of the Week may appear to be nothing special, but this C6’s appearance is not what makes this car “Corvette of the Week”. This car is special because, despite its plain appearance, this Corvette makes its owner feel like he just won the lottery.

New Corvette Forum member “ISICAN” from Phoenix purchased this C6 on Jan. 31. The car he owned before he bought the ‘Vette was a Saturn Ion – a conveyance I believe would be a good nominee for “Shitbox of the Year”. Here’s what ISICAN says about his automotive “rags to riches” story.

Hello, everyone. New to the forums and just purchased a used C6 base Vette. It has always been my dream owning one. I grew up in a poor neighborhood in California.
I’ve got to say, I’ve never been so satisfied, and it feels like it’s not real, but I have had one since 1/31/14 … After I signed all the paperwork, I got inside, closed the door, and then I started laughing and giggling like a fat kid that just got a lifetime supply of cake.The initial drive was immensely satisfying. I still look at her and can’t believe I purchased one. It’s like a dream come true.

Every time I read that, it feels like someone strapped an engine-block heater to my heart. Cheers, ISICANCorvette Forum wishes you many miles of smiles driving the car of your dreams.

Head to our forum to congratulate ISICAN for finally buying his dream car.

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