Corvette of the Week: Stinger 12’s Blood, Sweat and Tears

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Do you ever find yourself cruising CorvetteForum searching for an amazing restoration that gives you all the blood, sweat and tears you need?  Well, look no further than stinger12’s restoration thread!   This one has it all, from keeping you up to date on over five years of dedicated work, to the drama and intrigue of losing friends over the pains of building the perfect engine.

Stinger12 looked everywhere for a 1969 Camaro before he was sold on his 1976 Corvette, and he has certainly had his work cut out for him ever since.  He almost puked when he found six baby mice “each the size of a marble” before he “blew out all the rails” and had trouble with people not understanding the kind of “work and effort it takes to rebuild these vettes.”  Stinger12 also experienced some serious issues with his engine builder, and while we do not condone the extreme negativity of some of the posts that follow, it is certainly difficult not to go back in the thread and watch some of that drama unfold.

All the blood, sweat and tears will be worth it in the end when this already gorgeous looking ’76 makes its debut at the 2014 World of Wheels in February.

Congratulate stinger12 and follow his progress to the very end here.

We love seeing the incredible work our wonderful community can produce.  Congratulations stinger12, you’re almost there!

I'd rather be driving my Tumbler.

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