Corvette of the Week: What’s Not to Like About the C7’s A8?

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2016 Z51 A8

If you’ve been on the fence about the C7 Corvette’s A8 transmission, perhaps buying into some negative publicity, then CaliforniaJed’s Corvette of the Week is here to set you straight.

CaliforniaJed picked up this Blade Silver 2016 Z51 A8 a while back, and he finally had a chance to do some “spirited” driving, according to his thread titled “Praise (you heard me right) for the A8!

And guess what? After eating up a stellar stretch of highway north of L.A., CaliforniaJed is one “happy camper.”

“I had a blast! Shifts were crisp, and perfectly fast, whether I was in manual or auto. No problems at all,” writes CaliforniaJed.

It’s easy to understand why CalifoniaJed went with the auto instead of a manual, considering he’s had rotator cuff issues which make stick shifting a painful experience. But just the same, if you’re still deciding on a transmission, CaliforniaJed’s experience with his A8 is well worth noting. As are the experiences of the many folks who have chimed in and expressed similar praise.

Go check out the thread yourself, and while your there, be sure to congratulate CaliforniaJed on his Corvette of the Week.

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