A Corvette Window with a Personal Touch

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Rip Corvette text

It’s not often you come across a tribute to someone on a Corvette window, so when I stumbled on this photo, I felt a need to find out exactly who was Cody Veverka.

My first assumption was that “R.I.P. Cody” was posted on the window because Veverka was a fellow Corvette enthusiast, but after more research I discovered he was actually a 23-year-old Motocross racer from Cairo, NY who died in a tragic car accident. A story written in The Daily Mail speaks a lot of Veverka’s love for the sport, but it was something that he reportedly posted on his Facebook page that stuck out to me the most.

“Hey man, you can be a human being — if you just try,” which probably explains why that Corvette owner was so inclined to pay tribute to Veverka on his window.

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via [The Daily Mail ] Photo [Ryan Anglim]

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