Corvette Forum’s 2016: The New, the Iconic, and a Few WTFs

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Another Year Is Nearly in the Books, and Oh What a Year It’s Been on Corvette Forum!

All this celebratory cheer in the air can only mean one thing: it’s time to reflect on what the past year has meant for ‘Vette fans.

Okay, so maybe, the closing of 2016 isn’t just about reflecting on all that’s transpired in the world of Corvette. But I’m sure that you won’t get many arguments here in taking time to highlight some of the top Corvette stories over the past 12 months.



That said, it probably comes as no surprise that one of the biggest stories in 2016 was anything and everything tied to reports of a new mid-engine, next-gen ‘Vette. Of course, Chevy never officially confirmed that they are actually building the car, which the company seldom does when working on something as ground-breaking as this.

But based on all the “inside” info we gathered this past year, and the photos of a mule at a GM proving ground, it seems pretty certain that we’ll be seeing a new mid-engine Corvette down the road. Although, nailing down an actual debut date or potential name for the car is tough, considering there have been so many conflicting reports.


On the other hand, one thing that seems crystal clear from all the reports we’ve come across in 2016, is that the new ZR1 will be one menacing machine. Expected to make its debut at the 2017 North American International Auto Show, the new C7 variant is expected to have 700-plus horsepower, and a rear wing well suited for its superhero-like performance capabilities. Rumor has it, Chevy might also opt for a twin-turbo setup for the new model instead of a supercharged engine.



With reports that Chevy might fade out the manual transmission, the looming question is whether the new ZR1 or a potential mid-engine model will even be offered in a stick. Sure, a lot of purists still prefer the beauty of the more hands-on shifting method, but according to 2016 reports, the appeal of a manual Corvette over an automatic is quickly losing its appeal with new buyers, which we think we did a pretty good job of explaining why in a 2016 post titled, “The Top 7 Reasons to Pick an Automatic Corvette Over a Manual“.



Then again, 2016 wasn’t only about new and future trends in the world of Corvette. Nope, not at all, considering that we were also reminded of why the longstanding LS platform is still one of the most iconic in the world. And nothing better highlights that point than a video of a C5 smoking tires through turns in an all-out drifting showdown, which is coupled with a detailed video breakdown on the magic inside the engine.



Of course, what’s a year in Corvette without a little drama and comedic relief, which 2016 certainly had its share of as well. Two of the wildest stories of the year would probably be a clip (first posted by Live Leak) that captured a motorcyclist popping a wheelie, then side-swiping a C6 on the road. And another of a scorned wife putting her husband’s C6 Corvette ZR1 up on Craigslist for $1,000.

One of the funniest? Well, that award would probably go to a video titled “S*** Corvette Owners Say,” in which a guy by the name of Bob Reynolds (not really) shares an interesting take on why he purchased his C7. In the clip, Bob also talks about how he dipped into his grandson’s college tuition fund to pay for the car: “It was totally worth it ‘cause there is no greater feeling than driving down the road and honking at the pretty ladies in this thing.”

Yep, that pretty much sums up the year of 2016 for the Corvette.

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