Leaked Corvette Emblem Reveals Supercharged Z06

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And now, the question that’s been on everyone’s mind since the Z06 was first announced, has finally been answered. We know how much power it would make thanks to a leak earlier today. 620 horsepower? 650 ft-lbs of torque? That’s quite a lot for naturally aspirated LS. This was the Z06 though. It’s never been boosted.

Until now, at least.

The LT4 that’ll likely be powering this thing was leaked a few months ago, so it’s not a huge surprise. Of course, there are all kinda of questions that’ve yet to be answered. How much will it cost over the normal ‘Vette? Exactly how much faster will this be than everything else on wheels short of a La Ferrari? Most importantly, what kind of irresponsible power will the ZR1 have? Well have a few more answers next week when the official info comes out at the Detroit Autoshow. Until then stay tuned.

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