Corvette Z06 Meets a Peacock

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peacock 007

So just how pretty is the new Laguna Blue Z06? Well, pretty as a peacock seems like a pretty applicable phrase, since this photo now exists. I’m not sure how Corvette Forum member robertbruce managed to get a Z06 into a dirt field with peacocks, but this photo makes it worth the effort.

The only thing to do now is decide what is actually happening. Is the male in this photo trying to impress a mate by using the Z06 to enhance his plumage, or he is actually presenting for the Corvette. I know that there are more than a few people out there who have expressed physical desires towards a machine of this caliber.

Also, can I just point out how close that blue paint on the Z06 is to matching the blue of the peacock’s chest? It’s almost like GM planned it that way.

Regardless of the actual circumstances or reasoning, this photo is a great and entertaining look at America’s new supercar. If you needed a new wallpaper for the week (I change mine almost every day; that’s normal right?) this is a great one. Lots of cool color, a dash of nature, and a whole heaping of horsepower, all in one shot.

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