A Blue and Black (Not White and Gold) Corvette Z06 that Complements The Dress

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2015-Chevrolet-Corvette-Z06-Home-The Dress

For those of you who know about how the dress broke the Internet, I present to you a Corvette Z06 that would go well with what is now known as #thedress.

Unless you have been diagnosed with some form of blindness, it’s painfully obvious this Corvette Z06 is blue and black. Can you believe most of the Internet thought the blue-and-black dress below was white and gold in color?

The Dress

Well, that’s exactly what happened when this image of a dress went viral yesterday. Surveys across various websites like BuzzFeed proved most people on the Internet can’t interpret colors correctly.

BuzzFeed The Dress Survey


Crazy, right?

Let’s take the opportunity to prove to the rest of the Internet that Corvette Forum can correctly interpret colors.

What colors are the dress?

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The Dress via [swiked.tumblr.com]

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