Corvette Z06 VS Jaguar F-Type SVR Exhaust Battle

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Corvette Z06 Jaguar F-Type SVR

You Don’t Buy an F-Type SVR or a Z06 Because It’s Quiet. You Do Just the Opposite!

Not all engines are created equal. If you want the most efficient, powerful, and compact engine under your hood, there’s no greater melding of those three attributes than a V8. As an added benefit, they sound amazing. Dyed-in-the-wool V8 fans, understandably, will love this sound battle between two of the most modern and powerful V8 engines.

Superchargers are nestled in the “V” in both of these cars, and while the Jaguar has 5.0 liters of displacement, the Z06 eclipses that at 6.2. Horsepower differences are also pronounced, with the Corvette holding a 75-horsepower advantage. But what about the sound? Well, hit play on the video below, and you’ll hear.

With the SVR up first, Jaguar’s purposefully-injected pops and bangs are very evident. Raspy, rowdy, and unmistakably V8. Jaguar’s V8, no doubt, makes a great noise. Deeper roars emit from the Z06, however, with a smoother, baritone exhaust note.

Strange as it may seem, the Z06 seems to have the edge here, with a more refined, but still imposing exhaust note. Now that those two have sounded off, it’s your turn. It’s already being discussed on the forum.

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