Corvette ZR1 Driven Like It Was Meant To, On Track

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By now you have seen many videos featuring the new ZR1, but not many feature the Corvette getting put through its paces on a race track.

As driving and racing schools are dropping like flies and going bankrupt, the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School is one of the schools surviving. If you want to get a slice of the performance experience provided by a Corvette ZR1, going to “the Official High Performance School of Corvette” might be a good place to start. Started by longtime Corvette Racing member Ron Fellows, the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School can help you get your ‘Vette fix at the Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch.

The YouTube channel High Tech Corvette was fortunate to get seat time in the new Corvette ZR1 at the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School. Stocked with walkarounds, flybys, and even in-car footage from the ZR1’s performance data recorder, the video shows that the Corvette ZR1 is all business. According to the data overlays, the 755 horsepower, LT5-powered ZR1 was driven in the “Track” drive mode setting and the Performance Traction Management set to “Sport 1.”

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If you want to get your own Corvette fix, cost of admission at the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School is covered with the purchase of a new Corvette ZR1 and includes a one-night stay at an onsite condo. Alternatively, if you did not spring for a ZR1 at your local dealership Ron Fellows offers multiple programs to get you behind the wheel of a C7 Corvette.

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