Corvette ZR1 Gets Convertible and Pricing At LA Auto Show

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 Corvette ZR1 Convertible LA Auto Show

We watched it happen in person and we have the photos to prove it.

The Los Angeles Auto Show is the start of the auto show season, and it’s already flooding the internet with piles of new and revised cars. Of course, the most interesting thing we have seen at the show so far is the convertible version of the just announced ZR1 Corvette. It was already pretty amazing that the new C7 chassis design was stiff enough that the roof could be chopped from the Z06, but to hear GM lopping the top from a 755 horsepower machine like the ZR1 is pretty incredible.

To hit the major headlines, the convertible ZR1 has identical horsepower, identical torque, and even identical chassis and suspension tuning when compared to its tin-top sibling. Even the weight is nearly the same with GM claiming less than 60 pounds separate the two cars.

All in all, it does seem like the folks on the Corvette team really have made a “no-compromise supercar” as Tadge Juechter called it.

Along with the unveiling of the convertible, the folks at General Motors also dropped ZR1 pricing on us. The coupe will start a few dollars under $120,000 with the convertible adding a $4,000 premium to that. That pricing is substantial to be sure, but it is lower than the $150k number a lot of automotive sites were rumoring.

We’ll leave it to you guys to decide which version of the new ZR1 is your favorite. In the meantime, take a gander below at our gallery of pictures from the unveiling. This new orange paint is still basically impossible to photograph, but you at least get a good idea of how the car looks without the top on it.

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