Corvette Forum Member Finds Nasty Surprise

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C5 Corvettes are cheap now, but they don’t exactly fly under the radar.

C5 Corvettes are a tremendous bargain right now. Really nice cars can be had for under $15K,¬†and there’s a lot of them out there. They are not that hard to find.

For the price of a decent used car, you can have a world-class sports car that won’t break the bank to insure or maintain. It’s a win-win, assuming you don’t need much space and are willing to put up with a bit less in the way of creature comforts.

If you think about it, buying a C5 that is at or near the bottom of its depreciation cycle is a pretty sound investment, especially compared to a brand new midsize that costs twice as much and is nearly worthless in as many years.

However, when most people look at a Corvette — any Corvette — they see a $60,000+ car. Some folks with a chip on their shoulder may be inclined to take out their anger in traffic with hand gestures or angry words. In other cases, parked Corvettes may be subjected to rude notes or vandalism — slashed tires, tops, and key scratches are unfortunately common in our community.

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1200 HP C5 Corvette

However, this may be the first documented case of someone peeing on a Corvette. According to the owner, Corvette Forum member ErikwithAK01, his C5 Corvette was parked in a massive secure lot overnight under a light. Still, when he came back, someone had peed all over the front bumper.

Times have been tough economically for some, and a Corvette may be seen as self-indulgent or ostentatious by those who don’t care to look further. Vandalism is never the right thing to do, though, and as the old saying goes, “It’s better to be pissed off than pissed on.” Unfortunately for ErikwithAK01, he was both.

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