Corvette Forum Member Receives Fake Parking Ticket

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Corvette Parking Faux Pas

One of our members learns an important lesson about parking etiquette.

For better or worse, Corvettes attract a lot of attention. It seems lately they’ve been getting a lot of the wrong sort of attention. From getting flipped the bird to even being urinated on, Corvettes — and their owners — have been catching a lot of flak lately.

Corvette Forum member Grandsport619 was not immune, having received a fake parking ticket from someone who thought he parked like a jerk. Grandsport619 seems to have a good attitude about it, titling his thread “A Corvette is not a true Corvette until this happens…”

Corvette Owner's Fake Parking Ticket

After some discussion, we learn that he parked across two parking spots in his office’s parking lot. Although door dings are a real concern for us Corvette owners, this is a really poor way to handle it. You’re just drawing more attention to yourself. Instead of someone opening their door into you, you’re opening the door for frustrated drivers to vandalize your precious Corvette.

C7 Corvettes Seaside

Carefully choosing a parking spot is a much better way to avoid door dings. Parking on the end of a faraway row reduces your chances considerably, and the extra walking is c=good for you. Just be careful at night.

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Given that it wasn’t a widely-used public parking lot where space was at a premium, leaving the ticket was quite a petty move on that driver’s part. However, they didn’t damage the car and everyone involved seemed to get a chuckle out of it. If you’re going to express your displeasure at someone’s parking job, this is one of the better ways to do it, right after “just let it go and move on.”

Courtesy Parking Ticket

Then again, if the parking lot wasn’t packed or busy, parking across two spots wasn’t necessary at all. Grandsport619 was heavily admonished by several forum members for his poor parking lot etiquette, and hopefully he learned a lesson that will help everyone!

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