CorvetteForum Members Piece Together Clues on Upcoming C8 Corvette

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Corvette Forum - C8 Zora ZR1 Mid-Engine Corvette Rendering

Our eagle-eyed forum members make strides in cracking the C8 code that is Zerv.

All the rumors looming about the next-gen C8 Corvette have us as giddy as when we huff the new fiberglass smell. Also, our curiosity is reaching a fever pitch. When images started leaking of the mid-engine Corvette, under the code name “Zerv,” we got into investigative mode, and our forums went wild.

Forum members have thoroughly been taking all the information and specs from leaked CAD images, spy shots, and documents, and they started to build the concept vehicle. This thread lit up and helped further unravel the mystery of Zerv and what we can expect in the C8 that we’ve been waiting not-so-patiently for.

Forum member skank got the discussion back on track.

How about we generate a list of observed known and identifiable components, technologies, and obvious configurations that we can glean from these leaked CAD views. That would get us back on track of what is important….

elegant agreed, and added some clarification.

I like focusing on what we have seen (as opposed to this becoming a never-ending list of “I wish” and “I wants” thread — which we already and separately have.)
What We Have Seen:
Coil over shocks
Front axle lift system capability

Latterlon shared some theories and showed images to back them up.

Pay attention to the narrow area above the headlight and bonnet, and the fender creases in relation to the creases in the headlight. Then throw the fascia in the mix.

Zerv C8 Zerv C8 Zerv C8

But Jeff V. wasn’t entirely sold on that.

I’m not sure how supposed rear fenders would match up with headlights….

firstvettesoon delved into this further.

So lets try to figure out the headlamp area a bit more?
If the assembly here is correct that would suggest that the headlamps are very narrow “slit-like” units? From the spy pic front views, the lamps are not TOO narrow.
Does the side marker LED unit which shows to be a separate unit, get covered by the headlamp lens?
I don’t see a lot of space between the fender and the BLUE horseshoe shaped support to fit the headlamp lens.
How would this look in side and front view.?
Maybe someone with more automotive knowledge can help figure this out?
I am sure the CAD images are not exact and maybe a bit of finessing can solve the mystery?

firstvettesoon also noticed something interesting.

new nose.

There is evidence of the raised/sculpted angles leading to the front/center of the nose in the paint shop images so I left them in.

Zerv C8 Zerv C8

I also think there will be a need to get rid of a lot of air so there will prob be a version at least with hood vents. I chose to depict two side hood vents as an example. The center raised area on the spy pics may be fake…but may be real so I also kept the black vent at the rear of the hood. Can prob still fit an overnighter in the frunk. Should be at least as much room as the 458…which is a pretty good size. Will prob have more…because America!

As always, this is only a best guess impression of the car but the major lines, shapes and proportions line up.

The headlamps line up and are prob close in shape. May be even sharper.

Spike5 also made a keen observation, and posted some pics that have our interest piqued.

Is it just me, or does anyone else see the center indentation on the ME front fascia image? Looks similar to the Ferrari FXX.

As always, this lively discussion had a lot of great information and theories about the upcoming C8. What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts, join in the discussion!

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