Corvette Forum Owners Weigh in on MSRC

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Magnetic Selective Ride Control, or MSRC, is an ingenious suspension system that uses special dampers with small iron particles suspended in the hydraulic fluid of each shock absorber. Magnetic fields can be manipulated to fine-tune the shocks’ damping ability. A recent Corvette Forum poll asked members if their C7s had MRSC, with over 75% of respondents selecting “yes.” However, the poll results don’t tell the entire story, but thankfully there have been plenty of comments as well.

While there are a great many who wanted the system from day one, many owners who either weren’t initially interested or hadn’t thought about the system at all are now strong proponents of its benefits after buying cars equipped with MSRC. The ability to switch from all-out performance to daily-driving comfort certainly appeals to many enthusiasts used to manually adjusting shock absorbers, or simply putting up with a harsh ride.


It seems like almost everyone agrees that MSRC improves the overall performance of the C7, but most of those who chose to forego the option expressed concerns about the long-term reliability of the system. While the magnetic dampers themselves contain no wear parts, the sensors and linkages in the system concern owners who plan on keeping their cars for a long period of time. The long-term reliability of this system remains to be seen – in 30 years, will obsolete electronics and fragile, corroded linkages be the new reality of barn finds, or will the system remain reliable well beyond the second or third owner?

Time will tell. For now, it seems that those who have the system are enjoying its benefits, while those without are perfectly content with the stock suspension’s already world-class performance.

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