Corvettes at Carlisle 2018: Wine and Dine for a Good Cause

By - 2018 Spring Carlisle Auction

Chip Miller Amyloidosis Foundation turns its attention to Corvettes at Carlisle.

Corvettes at Carlisle is not only one of the largest gathering of Corvettes in the country, it’s also a place that brings out the best in the community. Corvette fans of all sorts gather and celebrate America’s sports car, together.

To that end, the Chip Miller Amyloidosis Foundation will be returning to Carlisle to put on its fourth annual benefit dinner. While Corvettes at Carlisle is a weekend long celebration, from August 23 to August 26, this must-do dinner takes place on Friday, August 24, at the neighboring Carlisle Expo Center. This charity dinner, put on by CMAF, is a great way to continue the trend of bringing Corvette owners together, all for a good cause. 2018 Spring Carlisle Auction


Amyloidosis is a condition when amyloid proteins produced in bone marrow deposit themselves in organs or bodily tissue. These deposits affect the health of the organs, or tissue, similar to the effects of cancer. The mission of the CMAF is to empower people with the knowledge and understanding of Amyloidosis for earlier detection, ensuring a better quality of life for those afflicted with the disease and to help science find the cures.

The party starts at 6:00 PM that Friday, at the Expo Center, and features dinner, a live auction, drinks and Corvette models significant to the brand’s history. Said auction is jam-packed with Corvette goodness, and includes choice prices, such as a fully-paid trip to the Spring Mountain Ron Fellows Driving School. There will also be goodies from Chevrolet, custom prints, scale models, and a paid VIP package with a 3-night stay in downtown Carlisle. Sounds pretty sweet to us.


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Tickets cost $60 per person, though, the price will rise to $75 starting Monday, August 20. Tickets are limited, and first come first serve, so Corvettes and Carlisle visitors are encouraged to get their tickets ahead to time.

Of course, surrounding all of this will be Corvettes at Carlisle itself, which is worth the journey. Over 60,000 guests from across the world will be in attendance, and 5,000 Corvettes will be on display. All of which will be there to celebrate the nearly seven decade heritage of America’s sports car: the Corvette.

For more information on the Chip Miller Amyloidosis Foundation, and the Evening of Corvettes, check out the link here.

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