More Science on Corvettes Attracting the Opposite Sex

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Attracting Opposite Sex with Corvette

Who says cars don’t attract women … or men for that matter? Seriously, my wife loves cars. I’m sure some of you have wives, or girlfriends, or are women who love cars. Cars are great. They also seem to still be able to pick up the opposite sex from time to time.

This next video was more of an experiment to see if the car really helped when trying to seduce the opposite sex. A group of friends got together with a new C7 Corvette Stingray and went around trying to pick up women and men. While they stated it was a gold digger prank, I’m not so sure. How do you know if they were just in it because they thought they had money? There are plenty of women and men who love cars as much as we do.

Additionally, the new Corvette is a hell of a car. Who wouldn’t want to go for a free ride in one? I know if I were offered a ride, I’d probably go. And boy, if they had free candy, I’d be in it way faster.

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