Corvettes in Cinema: The Big Lebowski’s Tragic C4

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big lebowski corvette

As far as the general public goes, The Big Lebowski is arguably the Coen Brothers’ most popular movie. But I’m guessing that’s not the case among the Corvette-loving public.

Of course, there is a population of Corvette-lovers that hates the C4, so maybe the film is big with them.

But even the C4-haters would have to object to the despicable act of butchery John Goodman commits when his character — the Sabbath-observing psychopath vet, Walter — pulverizes a 1985 Corvette in an effort to show a high school kid what happens when you “F*** a stranger in the A**.”

lebowski corvette

You can watch the SFW video of such a horrid display below, complete with some of the most imaginative dubbing around. Or you can click here for the NFSW clip, which, though closer to the Coen’s original vision, is not nearly as entertaining.

Regardless of which version you choose, though, as a Corvette-admirer, the scene is hard to watch. It’s bad enough that Walter uses such an icon of American machinery to prove his point, but it’s all the more terrible that he makes this point to the wrong guy. Larry, the high school kid Walter is trying to teach a lesson to, doesn’t have anything to do with the red Corvette in front of his house. So the pulverizing wrath of Walter is unleashed on a perfectly innocent Corvette owner — well, mostly innocent, but for the fact that he should have bought a C3. Certainly not deserving of the tire-iron treatment, though.

Can you imagine what you might do if you found someone smashing up your new or classic ‘Vette?

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