Corvette’s Damaged Engine is Bad News for Current Owner

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C7 Z06 Corvette experiences an unusual engine failure. Here’s what happened.

Once upon a time, YouTuber Street Speed 717 had a yellow C7 Z06 Corvette, one of a handful of cars in his fleet. Then, he bought a McLaren, and decided to sell the Z06. The car went another YouTuber (and lost the urban camo wrap covering its yellow paint). All was well when upon receiving the Z06, but its engine recently fell on hard times.

Enter the crew of YouTube channel and repair shop DiabloFormulaRacing. The shop took in the ailing Z06 to find out what exactly was going on, and what procedures would be chosen to remedy the suffering.


After the first five minutes are spent thanking the audience and the sponsor of the video, the shop goes to work on investigating the Z06’s issue. The plan is to “take the driver’s side head off of this car,” which follows a leak-down test in a previous video. They go on to explain that if they find issues on the driver’s side section of the engine, “more than likely, [they’re] gonna also be pulling off the passenger-side head, as well.”


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Upon removing the fuel rail and blower off the engine, the shop finds a few of the driver’s side valve cover’s screws are “extremely loose”; already not a good sign of things to come. Meanwhile, the injectors on the same side are covered in black on the tips. They are also missing all of their caps, which are nowhere to be found in the block itself.

YouTuber's Corvette Engine

Once the head is off, the issue is clear: the piston number seven and matching intake valve are damaged. The cylinder wall has a dark scuff, the piston head is dinged up, and the intake valve has some sort of spur at the edge of the seat. Whatever happened, the shop will do its best to fix the problem as the Z06’s new owner sees fit.

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