Corvette’s Magnetic Ride Control Still a Matter of Debate

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Super Chevy weighs in on  the debate and offers tips on how to address issues tied to the feature.

Anyone that has experienced the Corvette’s Magnetic Ride Control will probably tell you it’s a must-have.

The mere ability to be able to change the dampening rate of the shocks at a fairly decent speed to improve the car’s ride and handling capabilities is enough to satisfy most Corvette owners.

The real-time dampening system, which made its debut on the Corvette in 2003, has developed a pretty big fan base over the past decade. But there seems to be no escaping the ongoing question of whether or not the high-tech option is worth the extra $1,800 or so. That’s apparently what prompted Super Chevy to dig into the feature.

It’s a question that’s been debated here at Corvette Forum, as well, as highlighted in a 2015 thread. And while many folks seem to agree that the feature is worth the cost, it also seems like a debate that won’t be settled soon.

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Like most of us here at Corvette Forum, Super Chevy believes the Magnetic Ride Control System (that features a Tour, Sport, and Track mode) is worth the money – especially given the technology driving the latest, third-generation of the system. The trusted Chevy news source also has a bit of advice for those who might have experienced some slight issues with the system.

At times, the electronically controlled shock absorbers can get a little dirt build up. If so, simply dust or wipe it off. Apparently it’s also normal for the top of the reservoir to have a light film, as Super Chevy notes that there is a fault code that can help to diagnose these type of issues, as well.

Photo [National Corvette Museum]

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