The Corvettes of the New York International Auto Show

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Two gorgeous Corvettes steal the limelight at the 2017 International Auto Show in New York.

Back in February, you may recall we spent some quality time with these two CorvettesĀ at the Chicago Auto Show. Now we’re in New York for NYIAS, and we’ve been reunited with the two cars we fell in love with back then: a white-over-red Stingray Convertible, and a red/white/blue Grand Sport. It’s been awhile since GM launched a new Corvette, and with all the fanfare currently on the Camaro side of the aisle, the Corvettes are quietly waiting for their turn in the limelight again. So let’s shine a little on these two worthy stars.

The Blue Grand Sport Coupe

Whether you are interested in running track days or you just want to have some serious fun on a twisty back road on your way home from work, the Grand Sport is possibly the best Corvette in the lineup right now. Sure a Z06 will be faster, but will it be as confidence-inspiring? This is the sure-footed, well-balanced precision machine of GM’s production lineup. It’s powerful enough to set a fast lap time, but not so powerful that you feel intimidated or overwhelmed. This bowl of porridge is just right.

The White Stingray Convertible

White convertibles with red interiors are usually a bit on the ostentatious side for our tastes, but for some reason, this particular C7 works perfectly. This is the kind of Corvette that you could easily drive everyday. It’s kitted out with the 3LT interior, premium Bose audio, and that wonderful GM 8-speed automatic gearbox. Spring is here and the weather is warming up nicely, so grab a bottle of SPF 40 and take the long way to dinner with your favorite co-driver by your side.

Check out the galleries of each of these cars above, featuring dozens of excellent photos straight from the floor of the New York International Auto Show! Then let us know which one you’d prefer to drive home.

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Photos [Manuel Carrillo III]

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