Corvettes of Europe Gather at Birthplace of Pilsner Beer

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Czech out Corvettes of all generations at this gathering in Pilsen, Czechia.

The Ford Escort may have been the first to be dubbed a “world car,” but we all know no one dreams of sitting behind the wheel of one (assuming it hasn’t already rusted away, of course). The Corvette, on the other hand, is truly a car of the world. No matter where you go, you’ll likely see a Corvette of some sort happily cruising the streets and tearing up the highways.

Case in point: this wonderful gathering of Corvettes shot by YouTuber Hea. We don’t know too much about the gathering, but we do know where this took place: on a July summer day in Pilsen, Czechia, the home of the famed Pilsner beer.

After a brief look of the Corvettes already gathered, Hea walks outside the gate to catch some of the participants pulling into the meet, such as this LukaMotorsport-liveried C6 Z06 GT R, which competes in many national and international events such as the ADAC GT Masters and FIA GT.



Inside, practically every generation was represented at the Corvette meet, as you can see above. That said, the greatest representation came from the later eras, mainly C6s and C7s. There was also a new Camaro and a big Buick amid all of the Corvettes, along with a neat-looking green bus.


And though Halsey may claim that “California never felt like home,” we definitely feel like home amongst all of these European Corvette lovers. So, raise your glass of Budweiser, Kozel, or Radegast to these Corvette fans keeping the flames of American V8 awesomeness alive and well in the land once caged behind an iron curtain.

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