Corvettes on eBay: The A Team’s 1984 Corvette

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Face-Corvette.jpgHere’s a Corvette that had its 15 minutes of fame in television history. For sale on eBay is the 1984 Corvette that was driven by Templeton “Faceman” Peck of the A-Team series. It was the only Corvette used during the show’s 1983-87 run and featured a custom red stripe that went around the entire car. The Corvette is documented with registrations from Stephen J. Cannell‘s production company as well as two empty blank shells found under the passenger seat.

Here is a video clip of Face driving the A-Team’s 1984 Corvette in Season 3:

During the series, Face, Hannibal and Murdock all drove the Corvette on screen at one time or another. B.A. (Mr.T) only rode in the car. Also found in the car were two empty shells. One from a 9mm and the other a .223.

The ’84 Corvette does appear to have been well cared for since the show ended. It has just 19,165 original miles and the seller states that other than a hole for a camera mount on the passenger door, the Corvette is in its original condition.

The Corvette is well documented with signed affidavits from Stephen J Cannell Productions matching the VIN to the television show. The fuel door appears to have been signed by Stephen J. Cannell as well.

The eBay auction is running as a “buy it now” and the selling price is $40,000. Pretty steep considering similar cars without the celebrity connection are selling in the high teens or low 20s. Such is the price for fame!

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