Corvette Owners Face a Unique Dilemma with Front License Plates

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2007 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

While I had never given it much thought as someone who’s only test driven Corvettes,  I guess ‘Vette owners are faced with a unique issue when it comes to laws that require a front license plate.

Do you try to come up with some clever way to affix one to the front at the risk of damaging the car and its look, or do you just deal with the possibility of getting pulled over for not having a license plate?

The issue was raised in a recent San Jose Mercury News story that suggests both Corvette and Tesla owners in California are pulled over quite frequently for being without a front license plate.

On a grander scale, it seems it would present an even bigger issue for Corvette owners, considering the number of ‘Vettes on the road in the 31 states that require both front and rear license plates.

Personally, I’d probably opt for going without the front license plate, but I can easily see how a few tickets could quickly change my perspective.

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