Corvettes Seized in Drug Busts are Now a Hot Commodity

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Looks like turning seized Corvettes into police vehicles might be the new trend.

Days after learning about authorities in Texas naming a Z06 that was recently seized in a drug raid, we’re now hearing about another city having a tough time parting ways with a Corvette seized in a drug arrest.

Unlike the Texas Corvette, named “Coptimus Prime,” which is now being used by the New Braunfels Police Department for community outreach, the Corvette confiscated in this Genesee County case is headed to auction. But at least one lawmaker isn’t happy about the car’s fate, as we learned from comments expressed during the vote to sell the car, according to The Daily News.

‘‘I thought we should have kept this vehicle for county purposes,’’ said Legislature Chairman, Raymond Cianfrini, shortly after casting a “reluctantly yes” vote to auction off the car.

Now, it appears that the comments were all tongue and cheek, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this 1999 Corvette wound up back in the hands of Genesee County law enforcement officials, particularly if they don’t get a decent bid.

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Via [The Daily News]

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