Stars & Their Cars: ‘Vettes That Rock (Photos)

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Corvettes of the Rich & Famous Brings Rockin’ Shots of Superstars and Their Equally Legendary ‘Vettes to Pinterest

Rocker Bruce Springsteen famously sings about oozing down the street in his girlfriend’s pink Cadillac. But the iconic singer himself prefers the equally legendary Corvette. In fact, Hollywood’s biggest A-Listers seem to love ‘Vettes. And nowhere is that more evident than on our favorite Pinterest page of the moment: Corvettes of the Rich and Famous.

Check out the Pinterest gallery for some of entertainment’s biggest names and their rides. Paul Stanley of KISS shows off his custom-designed red Corvette Stingray at SEMA. Grateful Dead‘s Bob Weir and his 1963 Corvette Convertible. Dr. Dre perched beside his black ’89 Vette. Black Eyed Peas singer tooling around Hollywood in his West Coast Custom’s 1959 Corvette. Reality TV star and famed Playboy Playmate Holly Madison has an equally head-turning little red Corvette.

Ease on down memory lane with nostalgic pics of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and his 1966 Corvette. Legendary rock guitarist Jeff Beck leaning against his ’59 Vette. Guns N’ Roses six-string slinger Slash and his 1966 Corvette Coupe. And a Seventies-era Springsteen cruising down the highway in his classic convertible.

Springsteen’s 1960 Corvette Ragtop garnered national attention in 2013. That was the year he loaned his prized possession to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where he was inducted in 1999. The top-of-the-line 1960 ‘Vette features a 240 horsepower engine and a Powerglide transmission. It also has aluminum heads and fuel injection. The classic cra is one of The Boss’ favorite rides. In fact, it appears front and center on the cover of his 2016 New York Times best-selling memoir, Born to Run.

Corvettes of the Rich and Famous features trendsetting auto enthusiasts from sports, film and reality TV. Everyone from William Shatner, Robert Downey Jr., and ex-Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelley, to Eddie Murphy, Paris Hilton and basketball great Michael Jordan. Check the pics out at Corvettes of the Rich and Famous.

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