Could Chevrolet Be Preparing for the C8 Corvette Already?

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Last week, I told you all about Chevrolet’s $439-million investment into its Bowling Green plant. When I wrote that post, I knew something was a little off – something about the wording of Chevy’s press release. This, specifically: “a new paint shop that is among $439 million being invested at the only plant in the world that builds Chevrolet’s iconic sports car.”

Corvetted’s Rick Tavel, a friend of CorvetteForum, put his finger on it. Chevrolet’s statement doesn’t mention what else will be built or updated with that world-changing amount of money. Considering Chevy put a considerably smaller amount – approximately $135 million – into the Corvette facility over the last four years for the C7 Stingray and Performance Build Center, it seems unlikely that a paint shop would require all $439 million. What does seem likely is Chevrolet laying the groundwork for the lines that will eventually produce the C8 Corvette.

Back in January, Tavel stated he thinks Chevrolet will build its next-generation sports car in front- and mid-engine forms. The Car and Driver site says the 2017 Corvette Zora ZR1 will be here at the end of next year with its engine in the middle and its price starting at $150,000.

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