CPR Does it Again With C7 Corvette Making 635 RWHP

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Cordes Performance Racing is a name that is familiar to everyone here on Corvette Forum, or at least it should be. The gurus at CPR have made some of the best modified ‘Vettes on the road today, and it seems like every time we turn around they are getting even more power out of our favorite car.

Recently the CPR crew put up the video below of a silver C7 that is doing a dyno run. This car has been fitted with a supercharger, new headers, and a methanol injection system. And, of course, a CPR tune as well. The final result is 635 horsepower and 537 pounds of torque. “That is less than a Z06!” you may cry, but CPR measures at the wheels, not the crank. That means in practice this little C7 is pumping out a lot more horsepower than our beloved Z06. The big Z does take the cake with Torque though.

If you are worried about the abilities of this car beyond speed, the C7 that provided the base for this upgrade was fitted with the Z51 package, so hopefully it should keep itself composed on the road.

If you want to see and hear this car in action, just click that play button for a short 15-second dyno blast. Volume up, if you don’t mind. I promise, you’ll enjoy it much more that way.

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via [Cordes Performance Racing]

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