Craigslist Seller Really Seeks $11,000 for This C3 Corvette Wagon?

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I think I might just be better off leaving the opinions on this one up to everyone else here at Corvette Forum.

I’m just stumped on what to say about this Craigslist find– especially considering that the seller is asking $11,000 for the ’69 Corvette. It’s tough to really say what I think about the idea of taking what was once a classic Corvette and converting it into a wagon, without offending whoever put in all those hours working on the car.

So, maybe I should just discuss what we know about the car, which isn’t much aside from the photos below, which reveal it’s going to need quite a bit of body work. The actual Craigslist posting offers very little information on the C3, other than the fact that it has 52,400 miles, which isn’t bad at all, if they’re all original.

Still, considering that the car has been on Craigslist for nearly 30 days, I get the sense the seller is going to have a tough time finding any takers for $11,000.

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Via [GM Authority]

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