CorvetteForum Cruise-In XI Highlights: Recap and Thanks

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Hope everybody had a safe trip home from Bowling Green! 

The weather for this year’s event was great!  Attendance numbers were down for a variety of reasons, but the event drew a convivial group and the smaller crowd afforded me the opportunity to spend more time with people than typically would have been possible.

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Some thank yous are appropriate for:

  • Roc Linkov, NCM events manager, and Karen Renfrow from the NCM events team for their work in making our visit a lot of fun.
  • Michael Nunn (HamptonBG),
    GM at the Hampton Inn, who always is very accommodating to our group. 
    This year in particular, Michael worked to make sure we?d have a food
    vendor and a beer trailer in the parking lot for Wednesday and Thursday
    nights.  Thanks also to Frank from North Carolina, the beer trailer man.
  • Adrian
    at Internet Brands, who arranged this year for us to have a set of
    Fikse wheels, some Corvetteforum ?picnic chairs? and Corvetteforum
    stickers in a variety of colors. 
  • Jim Holmes (Buckythreadkiller), the Forum’s NCM ambassador, for his work on the memorial bench for Bill Maguire (IrishMac) and to all Forum members who were so generous in their contributions toward the memorial.
  • Kathy Maguire and her family, who traveled to Bowling Green for the
    unveiling of Bill’s bench and to spend time with us during CI-XI.
  • Theresa Gardiner (TMGard), who joined us for CI-XI to continue the tradition of her late husband (ptdrummer54) in pouring shots of Dr. McGillicuddy’s Schnapps for all each night.
  • All CI-IX veterans, particularly those who maintained their perfect attendance record!


If you haven’t seen the memorial bench Forum members purchased for
IrishMac, you’ll be interested in this thread, including pictures of
the unveiling:


Congratulations to those who have perfect attendance at Cruise-Ins
and best wishes for maintaining that record for many years into the


* If you have comments on things you liked or didn’t like for CI-XI
and suggestions for the CI-XII agenda, please share them, copying each
of the following folks:

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]



* If you shot pictures at CI-XI and have not already shared them,
please do so in one of the picture threads in the National Events
section, such as this one:

If you attended CI-XI and were registered for the event, you
qualify for a CI-X Veteran tag under your user ID.  PM me your requests
for the tags.  Be sure to include the name/s you used to register
through the NCM.

Jim Willis —

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