Cruising in the Corvette with Marilyn Monroe

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Cruising in the Corvette with Marilyn Monroe
Photo Credit: DNAinfo/Meredith Hoffman

You never know who you might see in a Corvette.

Especially if the driver is 76-year-old Bob Germino.

When he takes his 1989 convertible out for a cruise, he’s accompanied by one of the most beautiful women of all time – Marilyn Monroe.

Or at least a stunning cutout of her.

“I feel like I’m on a date…I’ve got to have a nice looking blonde with me,” he says. “It keeps me young.”

He carries Monroe with him as he tools around North Brooklyn in his Corvette or his other hot car, a 1957 Chevy, red with flames. Some days he even carries James Dean and Elvis cutouts with him.

Germino has time to enjoy the cars now that he’s retired from the city’s Department of Environmental Protection and says the cutout stars have accompanied him as he’s won dozens of trophies in car shows.

“When I retired I did a lot of gambling in Atlantic City, and my son said ‘Get yourself a hobby,’” Germano said, recalling the jump start that sent him cruising. “My wife stays home, but as long as I’m out of the house and she’s watching her [television] shows she’s fine.”

He’s driven Monroe and his Corvette to 42nd Street in Manhattan, where he’s a big hit with tourists, but says he enjoys trips to Coney Island the most.

Marilyn definitely “gets people talking,” he says.

Photo Credit: DNAinfo/Meredith Hoffman

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