Syracuse Doctor Shares Deep Love for Corvettes and the Amazon

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What kind of cars do you collect if you’re a doctor, an art collector, and an environmentalist who helps oversee 200,000-or so acres of the Amazon Jungle?

Corvettes, of course.

That said, Dr. Charles Mango, an ophthalmologist, wasn’t always a Corvette owner, as detailed in a report. But he finally saw the light while building a collection that now includes Corvettes from 1961, 1966, 1968, 1969, and 1998.


“I had hot rods, Porsches, street rods, even a Ford Model A,” Mango said. “Then I thought I’d like to try a few Corvettes.”

The doctor’s first Corvette was a 1954 model, one of only 3,400 cars Chevy produced that year. But he gave that car to a mechanic who did a lot of work for him. Apparently, Mango’s favorite Corvette is a Pace Car from the 1998 Indy 500, according to Ray Panek, who oversees the doc’s car collection.

That certainly seems plausible, considering that the Radar Blue convertible is one of only 1,158 Corvette Pace Cars produced that year. It’s safe to say the ophthalmologist has a good eye.

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