Cutaway 1953 Corvette Is Third Ever Built

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1953 Corvette Cutaway

Here’s a literal inside look at one of the first Corvettes ever.

What would you do if you owned one of the earliest Corvettes ever made? If you’re Edward Foss, you find a very unique way to display such an important piece of history and share it with the world.

In 2012, Foss bought a 1953 Corvette on eBay, wanting to restore and own a rare, first-year example of America’s sports car. However, this was no ordinary 1953 Corvette (is there really such a thing?) The serial number, stamped on the frame, was E53F001003. That makes this the third Corvette ever built.

1953 Corvette Cutaway

Foss made the unusual decision to restore the car with half of the body, exposing the frame stampings that denote this as one of the first-ever Corvettes. One is located just behind the driver’s seat, while the other is located directly underneath it.

He also wanted the car to be fully drivable, so all lights are present, and the car is mechanically intact. Clear acrylic floorboards were installed to prevent a Flintstones situation.

1953 Corvette Cutaway

It’s really great to see what’s underneath the fiberglass body. We were surprised at how much metal there was supporting it. It was also impressive to see how the whole package came together, and how it compares and contrasts with how other Chevrolets were built in 1953.

1953 Corvette Cutaway

Speaking of other Chevrolets from 1953, the earliest production cars share hubcaps with the much more pedestrian Bel Air. Detail-oriented viewers will also notice that this car is missing a side mirror, because those were not included on the first handful of cars.

While some may scratch their heads at such a decision, the car is perfectly preserved and restored, and we’re glad Foss decided to share¬†it with the world. These photos come from its appearance at the recent Concours d’Elegance of America in Plymouth, Michigan, held on June 30, 2017.

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