CYA Intel: Corvette Forum’s 2013 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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While Valentine’s Day can be traced to the late 1700s, the holiday has been observed?under various names?for virtually all of recorded history. To insure our readers in relationships stay happy, healthy and relatively sane, the 6Speed editors asked some of the lovely ladies in the office for gift suggestions. Ignore them at your peril.

You & Me Recycled Wood Sign 

You and Me?the curving lines of this solid promise hung on the wall tells your sweetie that you’re thinking of her, even when you’re out roasting the wheels off your ride as you pound around the famous curves of Mulholland Drive.

Custom Personalized Underwear 

While the wisdom of claiming your significant other’s ass as your property might be questionable?and could result in a puncture wound?custom underwear can make a great gift. Use an inside joke, a special moment, or an unforgettable experience as your inspiration, and you’re probably in the clear. But call 911 if you lose too much blood.


His & Her Mugs and Glasses

Most likely, you’ve had plenty of late nights and early mornings with your lady. With BoldLoft’s ?Boy Meets Girl? series, your valentine will have a little reminder of you every time she makes her morning cup of coffee or pours herself a gin and tonic. Whether you’re together or apart, these mugs or glasses will keep you two connected.

Dreamer Shades

Sunglasses are like shoes’she can never have too many’so they make a great gift. You also don’t have to worry about picking the right size, and since they’re 99% about aesthetics, you just have to find a pair that looks cool and not cheap out. These Dreamer Shades from Nasty Gal look awesome, and they aren’t cheap’so your bases are covered.


Revenge: The Complete First Season

 She’s watched an awful lot of SpeedTV with you. That means she’s probably missed on some quality trash. The first season of this romp will let you both indulge your soapy side, while proving that ?Revenge? is best served with great clothes, ridiculous love triangles and biting quips.

Vintage Car Art

Vintage posters printed on canvas add a touch of class to any auto-loving house. This Mercedes advertisement highlights the enduring quality of the marque while still being pure art. The images are aspirational’she can dream of the destination while you dream of the journey.


Customized Pendant With a Map from Your Area!

Commemorate a great trip, or an important place in your lives with these lovely customizable map necklaces. Celebrate the place you spent your first date, your first anniversary, your first ride in that classic roadster with geographic flair in pendant form.


Personalized M&Ms

M&Ms are one of Mother Nature’s most perfect foods. In addition to being delicious, they’re loaded with antioxidants and rich in essential nutrients. Also? They melt in your mouth?not in your hand. Actually, last part aside, we made all of that up. But you can get a custom message printed on them! Try that with a banana.


Haute Rod Dress

If you’re not going to gift her with her own classic coupe, let her celebrate her love of cars her own way?with a sleek, retro dress from, printed all over with hot rods. She?ll turn heads, and you’ll both need to make a fast getaway.


Vince Camuto Rose Gold Watch

Chunky, diving-inspired watches have been in vogue with stylish ladies for quite some time now, and this elegant, sophisticated rose gold timepiece is a more feminine take on that utilitarian classic. That said, doesn’t Vince Camuto sound like a guy who should be schlepping dime bags in the parking lot of a New Jersey high school?


Diamond and Gold Stilettos

Nope. These don’t look very comfortable. But that’s not really the point of ladies footwear?especially when the price will buy a decent house in most of the country. These insanely expensive heels are the perfect option for a billionaire, basketball player or rap star that has to make an apology.  Everyone else should probably keep browsing.

Custom Pop Art Photo From My Davinci

Andy Warhol said that in the future, everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. Well, it’s the future, and his prediction was pretty accurate. The pop icon just didn’t realize getting famous would involved getting kicked in the balls on Youtube. Because he didn’t know about Youtube?but he’d love these custom prints. And so will your lady.

Picnic Basket Backpack 

Put this luxurious backpack picnic ensemble in the trunk. Drive her to a scenic spot, and hike to higher ground. It has everything you want to make eating on the ground as fun as it is romantic?wine holder, plaid blanket, cutting board, and real glassware. And if it’s snowing, hike the picnic up your stairs and spread out in front of your HD-TV and watch some Food Network with a good bottle of Mourvedre.

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