Cycle World Gives the Corvette Z06 a 180 mph Run

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Even with some of the concerns expressed about overheating issues with the new Z06, it’s clear that the more track-oriented C7 has captivated a lot of people who simply love the idea of speed.

One of the most recent examples of that comes from the guys at Cycle World, who have put together the video below of the 650-horespower, supercharged Corvette blasting its way to 180 mph in 56.64 seconds. (Be sure to click the widescreen option on the video to get the full experience.)

Even wilder, the driver, Derek Hill, decided not to use the car’s traction control or launch control for his final blast in the car, which makes the run even more exciting to watch. Hill did, however, note that those last few mphs came a bit slower than he expected, because he couldn’t hit that 180-mph mark in fifth gear.

Apparently, it was getting the car into sixth gear that took more time than he expected.

“It was caught between fifth and sixth,” Hill told Cycle World. “It took forever to claw its way back to 180.” But he still was quite impressed with the Z06’s stability at such a high speed.

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Via [Cycle World]

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