“Darevette” on eBay Makes Me Want a Drink…

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dare-vette-01.jpgby John Coyle
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D.A.R.E is a program designed to keep kids away from drugs and violence, and certainly, that goal is noble. Nobody wants to be attacked by knife-wielding, meth-addicted fifth graders.

But its success rate is spotty, and I think we can definitely put this 1976 Stingray into the fail column. The paint job?featuring mascot Daren the lion?doesn’t look too bad, but who seriously wants to drive around with a cartoon character painted on their hood? So this baby would need a paint job straight out of the gate.

And you’d have to be really high to think that the interior is anything but hideous. The red, white and blue “flames” look like they were stuck on with construction paper, and there are probably cafeteria chairs that have better bolstering than these seats. The seller maintains that the Darevette is a multiple award winner, which, if true, indicates that illegal narcotics have had a staggering impact on America’s judgment. Check out the pictures below to see what I mean.

There have been over 30 bids so far, so if you want to get your hands on this baby you’ll have to get on it pronto. Check out the eBay auction here.

So do you agree that this ‘Vette is a failure? Or am I the one that’s high? Head over to the Forum and let me know!


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