How to Deal With New Corvette Smell

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All right, what I need you all to do is reference the theme song of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes for this to work. Got it? Good. ATTACK OF THE KILLER CAR SMELLS!! ATTACK OF THE KILLER CAR SMELLS!!

Well that may have been excessive, but it definitely got you in the mood for today’s topic, right?

One of our forum members, Jksvette, bought himself a brand new C7 a few weeks ago, but the new car smell is so strong that his wife refuses to get in the car. There’s been discussion on Corvette Forum about Jksvette’s options, with choices ranging from getting it cleaned to leaving his wife.

I’m leaning more towards a thorough cleaning, however, it might not just be the weird new car smell every dealer puts into the car once they get it on the lot. It could be a few things, such as the fiberglass still curing, or the glue they use within the car settling.

Here’s what we think you should do. First, if able, leave the windows or roof open in the garage at night. It will definitely help get rid of those smells a little quicker. Second, as mentioned by one of our members, you can also throw a couple dryer sheets into the car to absorb the smell or replace it.

Just don’t worry, it’ll go away soon. Or your wife will.

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