GM Dealer Confirms 700-HP, Mid-Engine Corvette Zora

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There’s a rumor lingering around the internet again, that could possibly confirm the production of the ever-elusive mid-engined Corvette Zora. But this time it comes directly from the dealership side of the business.

According to a recent Corvette Forum thread, a current General Motors dealership owner spilled the beans regarding a mid-engined, 6-cylinder, twin-turbocharged Corvette ZR1 with over 700 horsepower, being produced on a C7 platform, going on sale in 2017, and costing upwards of $150,000. As you could guess, said dealership owner has chosen to remain anonymous, and states that GM confirmed the production of such a vehicle during the yearly General Motors dealership owner’s meeting.

There are a handful of reasons why this rumor is most surely a complete pile of crap, but I also know that weird things happen in this industry. And never say never.

First of all, why would GM produce an all-new supercar to wow the people of the world on a platform that sooner rather than later will be replaced? Also, a $150,000 Corvette? Who exactly would they be targeting at that price range, and for what reason?

Lastly, even if said dealer could remain anonymous forever, why would someone violate the non-disclosure agreement they most likely had to sign before receiving such information? The implications of doing such a thing could not only have legal consequences, but also monetary.

That being said, the Ford GT managed to surprise us after living in secrecy for years. Could the Zora do the same?

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