Dealership Takes CF Member’s New Corvette Z06 for 150-Mile Joyride

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Imagine picking up your 2016 Corvette Z06 from the dealership after a basic service, only to learn that someone took your new baby for a 150-mile joyride.

Yup, another case of someone assuming the owner of a brand-new car would fail to notice 150 additional miles on the odometer. This case, which happened to one of our own here at Corvette Forum, started with the owner bringing his new Z06 in for a 500-mile oil change.

The owner said he heard a whistling noise in the car before taking it in, and authorized the dealer to test drive the ‘Vette up to 25 miles to get everything checked. Evidently, someone there must have skipped a few math classes in high school, which I guess would explain the mix-up. Yeah, that’s probably it.

Hoping to ease the Z06 owner’s pain, the manager at the dealership offered him a free tank of gas. His response? “Go to hell!” I imagine that would be the response of most folks here.

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