Dealership Totals Corvette Forum Member’s C6, Gives Lame Excuse

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C6 Corvette

Imagine a dealership wrecks your beloved Corvette and then tries to blame it on you. Sadly, this story is very real.

It’s a nightmare scenario that most of us have imagined at least once. You take your precious Corvette to the dealership for some basic service or work, only to receive a dreadful call. Turns out, some nimwit messed up and wrecked your car, maybe even totaling it beyond repair. Unfortunately, that nightmare reportedly became a reality for Cinnamon07 and his beloved C6.

“On Monday of this week, I brought my 2007 base model Corvette into a Chevrolet body shop to do a simple paint job on my driver side door. I was door dinged and I was in my car, so I was able to pursue the other driver to pay for the damage that was done. Their insurance claimed liability, so I went ahead and turned it over to the body shop to repair my door. Yesterday I received a phone call that my car was involved in a crash at the shop. I was furious and I hung up the phone and drove straight to the dealership to see what happened.”

C6 Corvette

Now, this would be bad enough if the accident was in fact an accident. But what happened next only infuriated the OP more.

“They told me a technician was trying to roll up the window so he went to turn on the accessory mode so he would get power. He was half in the car and half out, just enough to reach the start button. They had the car in reverse. Now, keep in mind the car is a 6-speed.”

Then, the story somehow gets even better. And by better, we mean worse.

“Somehow, they claim that the car started up without the clutch activated and the car immediately went into gear and shot backwards. It drove itself through the garage door and up the curb straight into the brick wall. It kept spinning the tires in the dirt until finally someone turned off the car. At that point, it brought itself back onto the concrete. Every single exterior panel is cracked in some way and who knows what was damaged internally during the process.”

C6 Corvette

If all of that sounds like a giant pile of b.s. to you, you aren’t the only one.

“Unless the clutch switch failed, there is NO WAY that the car will start without the clutch pushed in…NO WAY,” said rjacobs. “Their story is HORSE ****.”

And unsurprisingly, members like JABCAT feel like the OP should pursue this little matter pretty hard.

“You break it, you buy it. No way I’d settle for that car back. The negative publicity for the dealership will cost more than them cutting you a check for the car. Accept nothing less.”

C6 Corvette

It may not seem like things could get any worse for the OP at this point. But then they do.

“I spent 7 hours today at the dealership. So far, they have not claimed one part of the liability for the damages to my car. They are saying that it is my fault for not knowing that the clutch safety switch was sticky or not as springy as it would be brand-new. They have not even offered me a loaner car. I have had to go through my insurance to get a rental as this Corvette was my daily driver. I’m completely astonished that they are blaming me for the damages.”

One thing’s for sure: You can bet that this won’t be the end of the story. We certainly wish the OP the best of luck in his sticky situation. And you’ll want to be sure and follow along for future updates by heading over here!

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