Desert-Ready 1,370-horsepower Corvette Z06

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The passion for Corvettes isn’t strictly an American thing. No big news there, right? But what you might not know is that in the Middle East, higher-powered mods of the American sportscar are as popular as some European exotics.

Case in point, this 2007 Corvette Z06 owned by a guy in Saudi Arabia. The work of Tom Izzo at Speed Inc. in Schaumburg, Illinois and builder Jim Moran, the twin-turbo C6 cranks out an earth-shattering 1,370 horsepower, according to Super Chevy.

Touted as preeminent raw Corvette power at its peak, Speed Inc. approached the project differently than they normally would by deciding to wire up a Turbosmart boost controller to manipulate 23 psi of boost pressure.

To ensure that the Z06 could sustain speed in the desert, it also underwent a number of more unique mods. A 4-inch-stroke Callies Magnum XL forged crank with matching 6.125-inch I-beam rods were added, along with a set of custom CP forged pistons by Texas Speed and Performance (TSP), just to name a few.

The entire making of the beast is something to marvel at, and the pictures over at Super Chevy are gawk-worthy too, so head on over there for a deeper peek.

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