Design Manager Kirk Bennion on Affixinig a Front Plate on the C7

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[VIDEO] 2014 Corvette - How to Affix a Front License Plate

by Keith Cornett

At the 2014 Corvette reveal in Detroit, we were talking with Corvette’s Exterior Design Manager Kirk Bennion about the new car. He was holding the front license plate holder and wanted to show us how those who live in a state that mandates a front license plate would affix it to their C7 Corvette.

The good news is that the front license plate holder was designed to be integrated into a section of the front grille, attaching with quick screws that allow the owner to easily remove and reattach their plate on a whim. The front plate (which says Corvette) is removed and the quick lock screws easily attach to the grille.

Wind tunnel tested. Every line matters.

The license plate bracket actually improves the aerodynamics as the air hits the plate, it’s redirected to the sides so the Corvette still gets plenty of air cooling at highway speeds or commuting around town. Kirk says that for track events, the license plate bracket needs to come off, but it takes a couple of minutes to do so.

So rejoice you future C7 Corvette owners who live in a state that mandates the front license plate. The design team made improved the C7 Corvette which makes it easy now to conform with the law.

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